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The Ithaka Group is an independent investment boutique that specializes in managing high-quality, concentrated growth equity portfolios. We currently offer a US large-cap growth strategy. 


Identify superior companies

  • Identify companies achieving business success

  • Understand sources of that success

  • Determine likelihood success continues


Balance concentration and diversification

  • Own 20 to 40 companies

  • Cap sectors and holdings


Maintain the portfolio, selling when appropriate

  • Invest with intention to hold for three to five years or longer

  • Sell when holding is no longer likely to add value relative to alternatives

  • Stay fully invested at all times



Ithaka seeks to generate superior returns for our investors over time while being thoughtful about risk.

Ithaka's core belief is that over time a company's share price follows its free cash flows. The ability to grow free cash flows comes from having opportunities to effectively allocate capital with high returns on that capital. A company that can grow cash flows for many years can compound returns for investors over many years.  


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